#All their scenes in 5x11 was amazing but this particular one has me going back to it and watching it over and over again (besides their hot hybrid sex of course). #Klaus not hesitating on asking Caroline if she would give him the same choice as Tyler. #because he knows he would do as she pleased in a heart beat by picking the right choice and choose her over his stupid revenge fantasy against Katherine. #Caroline relently speechless for once while she tries to process what he had just asked her. #i don know what you mean she says as she takes a step back trying to make him and herself believe she truly doesn’t. #Her stuttering towards those words while closing her eyes. #Her whole body language gives me butterflies because she knows exactly what he means and is trying to shake herself about that idea. #probably because she knows more than anything that Klaus will choose her over his revenge fantasy #ONLY FOR HER would he ever dare to do so. #d0n’t even get me started when he says “yeah you do” flirtatiously while she gives him the aw look. #d0ne #leave me to die//


"We did a worldwide search for Four, and so when we finally found Theo, I saw him, I met him, I thought he was great, and then we put him in a room with Shailene, and did a screen test. And I knew immediately, because they just had this electricity, this energy, where she’s a really strong actress, and it can sometimes overwhelm the actor she’s playing against, because she is so good and she is so powerful, but not here." -Neil Burger on casting Shailene and Theo